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Dawn of the Moonfang Chapter 1

Rating: T
Type: Crossover
Fandoms: Bleach/Harry Potter
Pairing: Ichigo/Byakuya
Summary: 7 years into the Winter war, and things aren't getting better. The Kurosakis leave Japan for the twins' safety, and go to England, where the three children can finally get involved with the Magical world and fully acknowledge their mother's legacy. But Aizen plans, and the Death Eaters are still around. Ichigo finds himself involved yet in another conflict, one he has no part in, as the war of the spirits and the mortals join, and everything goes downhill. AU.

1: Leaving:

"We're leaving."

Kurosaki Ichigo looked around the meeting room, at the serious faces of the twelve men and women whose attention was currently entirely focused on him.

"Leaving?" Hitsugaya Toshirou, captain of the tenth division, asked, icy blue eyes narrowed at the younger Shinigami.

"Karakura has become too dangerous for my sisters to stay in. My father has decided that we would move to England."

Silence reigned over them for a few minutes as they all digested the news.

"Does that mean you won't help with the war anymore?"

The question came from Ukitake Jûshiro, thirteenth captain, who looked sincerely concerned, and not accusing at all. Ichigo liked his compassionate and understanding nature. He shrugged.

"Well, I suppose they do have Hollows over there, don't they?"

"Actually, that is quite fortunate."

Everybody froze at the Soutaichou's words, and turned to him in surprise.

"What do you mean, Yama-jii?" Kyoraku Shunsui asked, tilting his straw hat a little higher so that he could look at the old man.


The blue-haired, white and black-skinned, yellow-eyed freak stepped forward, a smug smile on his face.

"We have noticed strange readings in the World of the Living, precisely in England. It seems that the number of Hollows appearing there, which had been, up to six months ago, extremely low, has suddenly increased dramatically. It actually jumped from a maximum of ten per year to twenty per week."

Gasps echoed around the room at the statistics, and Ichigo's eyes hardened in anticipation.

"Strangely enough", Kurotsuchi went on, "England is a country with a lot of spiritually gifted people, except that they do not use their reiatsu the way we do, and do not know of pluses and Hollows. Instead, they channel it through sticks they call 'wands', and believe it to be magic."

Ichigo's eyebrows shot up.

"Wizards?" He said.

The twelfth captain turned to him.

"You know of them?"

Ichigo snorted.

"Well, of course. My mother was a witch, as are my sisters."

A stunned silence fell for a few seconds, before Kuchiki Byakuya spoke up in his usual cold manner.

"Are you trying to tell us that you are a wizard as well?"

Mismatched eyes clashed with steel gray as the two men looked at each other.


"And you didn't deem it necessary to tell us why?" Komamura asked, yellow eyes narrowed as he stared him down menacingly.

Unfortunately for him, the young man had seen far more terrifying than an overgrown fox, as he liked to inwardly call the seventh captain, and was completely unfazed by the glare, which he met evenly.

"Because it was none of your business, and never came up."

The fox man growled low in his throat, but then, surprisingly enough, Byakuya's voice rang out in a dry demand.

"Control yourself, Komamura-taichou."

It was enough to get him to back down, and Ichigo tilted his head at the noble ever so slightly as thanks, before returning his attention to the Soutaichou.

"You were saying my leaving to England was convenient?"

"Yes. The increasing number of Hollows is extremely suspicious, and even if it is not a result of Aizen's activity, we were planning to send someone there to take care of the situation there. Since you will be living there, you can destroy the threat, and determine whether it is Aizen's doing or not."

Ichigo seemed to think about it for a moment, but nodded.

"Very well."

"When and where will you be going?"

"London, England, though my sisters will be attending a Wizarding school in Scotland, where I will be a teacher. We are leaving at the end of the week."

Eyebrows shot up at that, but then again, none of them knew anything about wizardry, so they didn't comment.

"You will still be expected to fulfill your duties as head of the Shihouin clan and captain of the fifth division, though, I hope you are aware of that."

Mismatched eyes narrowed.

"I am perfectly aware of my duties, Yamamoto-Soutaichou, and I'd appreciate if you would refrain from insulting me."

The ancient man tilted his head as an apology, and the younger man relaxed ever so slightly.

"If that is all?"

"Indeed it is. Dismissed!"

The captains filed out of the meeting hall, and Ichigo was the first out, though Byakuya was quick to catch up to him. The two walked silently for a while, enjoying the peace and quiet around them, before the Kuchiki Clan Head spoke up.

"How long do you surmise your stay in England will be?"

"The time to graduate is supposed to be seven years, but Karin and Yuzu are already fifteen, meaning that they only have three years to go including this one. So I suppose we'll be gone until their graduation at least. I don't think my father will allow them to move back to Japan if the war isn't over, though."

The noble nodded in understanding.

"You know you can stop by anytime." He said emotionlessly.

His companion shot him a sharp glance from the corner of his eye, and nodded.

"Thank you. I will remember it. If you happen to have time and go to the Living World, here is the address." He handed him a small folded piece of white paper, which the older man took and tucked into his haori.

"Thank you. Are you free?"

Ichigo shrugged elegantly.


"Let us have a cup of tea, then."

A fleeting smile briefly curled the younger man's lips up, before his face blanked again.

"I would like that."



The young man, who had been about to step into the Senkaimon, turned around, and looked at the Shinigamis standing behind him. Kuchiki Rukia, Abarai Renji, Madarame Ikkaku, Ayasegawa Yumihika, Zaraki Kenpachi, and a good majority of the officers were there to say goodbye, and he couldn't help the brief smile at the sight. They may have been his enemies at first, but now, they were his friends, and his brothers in arms.

He stood still amidst the well-wishes, thanking them with a nod of the head, knowing it was enough for them to know it was appreciated. They had known him for seven years already. They knew how he was. Turning around when they were all finished, he met a steel gray gaze, and extended his hand to clasp the Kuchiki Clan Head forearm, as the man reciprocated the gesture. It was an ancient salutation, one of respect, affection and pride, a prerogative of the nobles, and though Ichigo hadn't been raised in the traditional ways of the Shihouin, he had been quick to catch up with the etiquette.

He was the epitome of nobility.

The two men pulled away after a few seconds of silent embrace, and then, Ichigo stepped into the Senkaimon with a final nod, and disappeared, swallowed by the light.

The double doors slid shut, and the gate vanished. Everybody went back to their occupations.


The Kurosaki family boarded the plane to London six days later, after several hours of intense packing and running around in panic at the thought that they might have forgotten something. Isshin had bought first-class tickets, something Ichigo would never understand, but he wasn't about to complain, seeing as the seats were certainly much more comfortable than anything he would ever have had in second class. What's more, his father had whined and cried so much when he had wanted to change them to second-class tickets, that he had had to give up so as not to get a permanent migraine.

They settled down quickly, and when the stewardess came, the young man asked for a coke, while his sisters got a coke and an orange juice. His father chose a beer, before turning to them, all goofiness gone from his face for once, and started talking.

"I have several things you should know before we arrive. The Wizarding world, as you know, has both good and bad people, but recently, a war occurred between the Dark Lord Voldemort and the Light Side, led by Albus Dumbledore."

"He's the Headmaster of Hogwarts, isn't he?" Karin said.

Isshin nodded.

"Yes. He is also considered the most powerful wizard in the world, along with Voldemort, and Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, who is the Dark Lord's defeater."

"Are they still at war?" The girl asked once again.

"It has just ended. Harry Potter, who will be in seventh year at Hogwarts this year, killed him two months ago. There were a lot of casualties, and you have to know, that the Wizarding world is extremely prejudiced. Like Shinigamis hate Hollows and anything related to them, English Wizards can't stand anything remotely Dark, and the school is a victim of these divisions between Dark and Light wizards."

"That's stupid." Ichigo interjected. "Dark wizards aren't necessarily evil."

His father shot him a piercing glance and nodded.

"Exactly. Unfortunately, only a few understand this, and I'm afraid that segregation and prejudices are still going strong there, especially after the war. The school is, as you know, divided between four Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Traditionally, Slytherins are Dark Wizards, Death Eaters, and future Dark Lords. In other words, they are evil."

"Idiotic." Ichigo deadpanned.

Isshin smiled, while Karin scowled, and Yuzu frowned in worry.

"That's terrible!" She commented softly.

"I think Yuzu doesn't really have anything to worry about. You're more Hufflepuff material if you ask me. You, however," the former Shinigami turned to his eldest daughter, "are very likely to end up in Slytherin."

She shrugged.

"I know how to take care of myself. Let them try anything, they won't know what hit them." She said indifferently, her arms crossed on her chest.

"Good." Isshin approved.

The two males' gazes met over the girls' heads, and Ichigo nodded silently in promise. Nothing would happen to his sisters, he would make sure of it. And if anyone tried to hurt them, they would wish they had never been born.

"That's not all, though." He said to get their attention. "During the war, Dumbledore had created a vigilante group called 'The Order of the Phoenix'" he ignored Ichigo's snort at the name "to oppose Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters. Most Death Eaters were killed during the Final Battle, but a lot also escaped, and are now lying low in wait for a good occasion to avenge their Lord and rise again. You will have to be very careful." His unusually serious gaze locked with his son's mismatched eyes. "Ichigo... you more than anyone else."


They were going to live at Hogwarts. Though Isshin was, overall, a muggle, his spiritual pressure and knowledge of Kidô, the Demon Arts, would make it so that the idea of him not being a wizard would never even so much as cross anybody's mind. The flight was long, very much so, but Isshin was enough of a distraction for his daughter for the first five hours, and then, the movie service of the plane was filled enough that they wouldn't get bored. Ichigo spent the totality of the flight with his earphones in his ears, listening to music before he decided to scroll through the list of movies, and settled forUnderworld, watching the entire trilogy in one go, before switching on to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and so on.

He never chose a romance, for his years at war had completely disconnected him from such things. He preferred his movies- no doubt a side-effect of his merging with his Hollow- with lots of blood, and sometimes, a quiet film but never with a love story.

They landed after a twenty-hours flight with no small relief, and Ichigo felt immense satisfaction when he could finally get some fresh air, and use his legs. Finally, he was out of the flying box. He still wondered why they hadn't just opened a Seikamon or a Garganta to England, but his father had been adamant they had to arrive the normal way.

They waited for half an hour to get their luggage, before exiting the airport, and taking a cab to the closest hotel. It had been decided that Isshin and the girls would be staying at the hotel for a few days, the time for Ichigo to go to Hogwarts and settle everything with the Headmaster.

The hotel was quite clean, and the receptionist, charming. She was quick to hand them two keys, one for the two males, and the other, for the girls. Ichigo went up with them to leave his bags there -with his sisters, he didn't trust his father not to rummage through his belongings, and then quickly bid them farewell and left.

He walked down the street quietly for a while, his hands in his pockets, and then took the subway to the center of London, were he followed the threads of reiatsu in the atmosphere to a shady looking pub nobody seemed to notice. Shrugging, he walked in, and immediately found himself the prey to the suspicious stares of the consumers. He ignored them easily, though, and walked directly over to the fireplace. He tossed a pinch of floo powder in the hearth and stepped in the green flames with the elegance of someone completely used to this means of transport.

"Hogsmeade, The Three Broomsticks."

He knew he couldn't arrive directly in the Headmaster's office, for the wards would never allow him in, and he didn't fancy finding himself on the wrong end of a wand, especially the wand of someone as powerful as Albus Dumbledore. What's more, he wanted to see the castle before going in, to assess the surroundings his sisters and himself would be living, studying in and teaching in. He wasn't disappointed.

The Three Broomsticks was a welcoming pub, with a light atmosphere and a well-endowed owner by the name of Rosmerta who, he had no doubt, most certainly had half the school population drooling over her. She greeted him pleasantly, and he answered politely, but didn't linger, and quickly got out.


Ichigo stood at the gates, looking at the school. Well, the school... more like the castle. It looked positively ancient, with lots of towers and windows, large ornate doors he could see from his position, which was saying something about their size, and old, grey stone, which he could feel vibrate with magic. The wards hummed as he passed their limit, thin tendrils of magic caressing his body as he walked, and he smiled briefly.

This was another world. But he liked it anyway. It was a part of himself just as much as his Shinigami heritage, and he wasn't about to let it down.

The young man made his way over to the castle, and swiftly walked up the steps leading to the entrance, before walking through the double doors and stopping in the Entrance Hall. The school year had obviously already started. Students stared at him as he walked past, but he ignored them. He had known his sisters and himself would come late in the term, seeing as they hadn't been able to leave before September 1st, and it was now September 3rd. An old man with a long beard and outrageously bright, hideous green with pink polka dots robes was there, who beamed upon seeing him, and walked over to him, hand already extended as he greeted him.

"Ah, Mr Kurosaki. I'm glad you could make it."

"Headmaster Dumbledore, I suppose? Kurosaki Ichigo."

They shook hands briefly. The old wizard's eyes were a piercing blue, and twinkling with a happiness and energy he had not seen for a very long time. It made him slightly uneasy, but he swiftly crushed the emotion.

"Let us go to my office."

Ichigo nodded curtly and followed him through the hallways and up to the second floor, where they stopped before a hideous gargoyle.

"Liquorice wands."

The gargoyle jumped aside at the password, and the two men walked up the spiraling staircase before entering a circular office. Ichigo looked around as Dumbledore went to sit down behind his desk. There were trinkets everywhere, bookshelves at the back of the room, and portraits on the walls, most likely of the former Headmasters and Headmistresses. A phoenix was perched close to the desk, and he nodded at it while the bird trilled gently in greeting.

"Please take a seat."

He did so.

"Lemon drop?"

Raising an eyebrow at the strange question, he politely declined. He had never been a fan of sweets, and anyway, he wasn't about to accept food from anyone he didn't trust, when it could have been laced with anything. The old man popped one of the treats in his mouth and sucked on it quietly, before finally looking at him over his glasses.

"So, are you still taking the job?"

"Yes. My sisters should arrive as soon as possible. I am very sorry we couldn't arrive earlier, but our departure was quite... sudden, and we had important matters to settle."

"Of course, my boy, of course, I understand perfectly, it's no problem at all, don't worry." The man greeted his teeth at being called 'my boy' as the Headmaster waved the apology away, but said nothing.

"Your rooms have already been prepared. I will show you to them if you want. There are separate quarters for your father as well, though the two suites communicate, but I thought it might be easier for you when you teach, to be able to have some privacy."

Ichigo almost snorted at that. Grading papers would have been hell if his father had shared his quarters: he would have had to hide in some hole of the castle to actually get some peace. He shuddered inwardly at the idea.

"Your sisters will be sorted at dinner tomorrow... they can be here by then, yes?"

"We still need to go to Diagon Alley, but other than that, it should be fine."

"Good, good. And then, they will settle down in the dorms of the House they will have been sorted in. I believe you are familiar with the system?"

"Indeed I am, and so are they."

"Good, good." Dumbledore repeated. "You will also be introduced to the student population at that time."

Ichigo nodded, and the old man stood.

"I will show you to your quarters now. When do you plan to get your sisters here?"

"We will all move in tomorrow. As of now, we are staying at a hotel near the airport. I will most likely apparate us from the Leaky Cauldron."

"Very well. Follow me now, my boy."

They exited the office and walked down the stairs, before walking up to the fifth floor, and stopping before a portrait of a young man wearing all black, and the traditional garb of the Fûma Ninjas.

"Good evening, Neyel. This is Kurosaki Ichigo, you will be guarding his chambers." He turned to the younger man. "The password is 'chocolate frog'. You can change it simply by telling Neyel here."

Ichigo nodded, and looked at the portrait.

"Good evening, Neyel-san." He said in Japanese. "I am Kurosaki Ichigo. Pleased to meet you."

The man's eyes widened above his mask, and he bowed in answer to the greeting.

"Good evening, Kurosaki-sama. My name is Neyel Crosszeria. Do you wish to change the password?"

"Yes, please. Make it... White Emperor."

"Very well."

The portrait swung open, and Ichigo walked in and looked around. They were in a large living room. The walls were painted in cream-colored tones, with wooden furnishings, and there was an empty fireplace on the far wall, right under a large window. Also, there were windows on either side of the room, which let the sunlight flood in, and he barely held in the shiver of please the gentle beams of light caused him. On either side of the fireplace was a wooden door, and he walked to the first one, only to discover that it led to a large bedroom with a king-sized bed, in tones of blue and cream, with two comfortable armchairs and a thick carpet. There was also a fireplace in there, and a door on the left led to a gigantic bathroom the likes of which he had never ever seen in his life. He didn't linger too much, though, and went back to the living room to explore the door on the left of the fireplace.

It led to a large library which also worked as a study, since it had a large desk and a comfortable armchair, along with bookshelves all around the walls. A window allowed the person working there to have the correct amount of light not to destroy their eyesight, and there were a couch and several armchairs by the fireplace, along with a small coffee table.

Walking back to the main room, the young man noticed the couch and chairs by the fireplace, and nodded in satisfaction. This was perfect.

He voiced his thoughts to Dumbledore, his tone never wavering from its usual evenness, and then followed the old man to the second floor, and the classroom he would be using. The man showed him his office and the general layout of the grounds -meaning that he showed him how to go to the Great Hall and his office, before they parted ways at the doors, and Ichigo left the castle, walking to the edge of the wards before apparating back to London.

He quickly made his way up to the room his sisters shared, and once the family was reunited, he told them about what he had seen and heard, before they all turned in. Tomorrow would be a long day, and since classes started right after that, they would have to be well-rested if they wanted to last until the end of term.

Chapter 2