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Dawn of the Moonfang Chapter 2

Rating: T
Type: Crossover
Fandoms: Bleach/Harry Potter
Pairing: Ichigo/Byakuya
Summary: 7 years into the Winter war, and things aren't getting better. The Kurosakis leave Japan for the twins' safety, and go to England, where the three children can finally get involved with the Magical world and fully acknowledge their mother's legacy. But Aizen plans, and the Death Eaters are still around. Ichigo finds himself involved yet in another conflict, one he has no part in, as the war of the spirits and the mortals join, and everything goes downhill. AU.

2: The British Wizarding World:

On the next morning, Ichigo woke up feeling a little refreshed. For once in his life, he had slept knowing that there was very little chance he would be attacked and killed in his sleep, and it had made it easier to finally get the rest he had been so desperately needing for a few months already.

They had set the alarm at nine since the shops in Diagon Alley would most likely not open before ten, and were ready to go by then. They checked out of the hotel, and walked to a secluded place, where Ichigo shrunk their things and put them in his pocket, before Apparating them to the Leaky Cauldron one after the other, eliciting stares once more.

Walking to the backyard as Dumbledore had told him to, he pulled out his wand and tapped the bricks in the required order -three up, two across- and watched as the bricks moved aside to form an archway.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley." He said quietly and walked in.

The three others stood by his side as he assessed the surroundings, his father goofing around as Yuzu worried uselessly about Karin's hitting the goat. Ichigo sighed inwardly at the thought that he would most likely have to put up with the usual craziness for the whole day, and in front of the wizarding people.

"Come." He said. "We will go and get robes first."

They followed him to Madam Malkin's. The woman behind the counter looked up when they walked in and smiled, though it seemed a bit hesitant when she saw the mismatched eyes.

"Good morning. What can I do for you?"

"My sisters need Hogwarts robes. The whole set. Also, I would like a new wardrobe."

She nodded, and immediately set to work on the girls' measurements, while Ichigo looked through the clothes catalog. Once she was finished with the girls, she turned to him.

"I will have three sets of those" he pointed at a picture of fitting robes obviously made for combat and dueling "one in dark red, the two others in crimson-lined black. Then, I will have three sets of black robes" he pointed at another image "all in black. Put all the protective charms you have on them."

She nodded, scribbling furiously on a notepad, then looked up at him.

"That will be seventy-three galleons, fifteen sickles and ninety-four knuts. Do you want to come and fetch them, or should I owl them to you?"

"When can you have them ready?"

She thought for a second.

"Three hours?"

Ichigo nodded.

"I will come back and fetch them."

"Very well then."

They left, and then headed to Flourish and Blotts, where they spent quite a lot of time, perusing through the extensive collection of books to make sure the girls had all the books required on the list, before heading over to the apothecary. Isshin continued 'oowing' and 'aahing', with Karin berating him, hitting him from time to time, and Yuzu looking on and keeping them somewhat in line. Somehow, they still found the time to get awed at their surroundings, and Ichigo could only shake his head at the sight. Really, his family would never change.

Not that he would have them any other way, of course.

But that was something he would never, ever admit.

Seeing as they had everything they would need after buying their potions ingredients, they stopped at Quality Supplies for Quidditch, and came out a full half hour later, with two broom orders, and two sets of complete quidditch gear shrunk along with the rest of their supplies. Yuzu had never been a fan of flying, she had vertigo, and Isshin would of course never go on a broom, so it was up to Karin and Ichigo to fly, which they absolutely loved, though they had never really been able to practice due to their living in Karakura.

Finally, once they were all done, there still remained half an hour before they could get their robes, and so Ichigo took them Florian Fortescue's parlor. They stayed there until it was time to go, and when they were done at Madam Malkin's, went back to the Leaky Cauldron. Ichigo apparated them to The Three Broomsticks, and they settled down there to have lunch.

Then, at three in the afternoon, they started the trek to Hogwarts, Yuzu and Isshin never hiding their admiration at seeing the castle, while even Karin had to admit she was impressed. Ichigo led them to the Headmaster's office, and introduced them quickly, before having the old man lead them to Isshin's room, which he had incidentally forgotten to show him the day before.

They were indeed not far from Ichigo's, and could communicate with them, but the younger man made it so that he could only access his rooms in case of emergency. He really didn't need his father popping up at anytime he deemed good, and disturbing day and night. He liked his privacy, thank you very much.

The girls left their things in Ichigo's rooms for the time being, and then, the young man took his family for a tour of the school, or what he knew of it. The grounds were deserted since classes were still on, and they explored for a few hours, before going back to the Shihouin clan head's rooms and getting ready for the evening, Karin grumbling all the way that she couldn't wear pants instead of the ridiculously short skirt.

Ichigo took a shower as well, and put on black cargo pants with black dragon hide boots and a black, fitting short-sleeved turtleneck shirt which showed off his muscles, and black open robes over them, with a silver clasp. He looked at himself in the mirror, and nodded at himself in approval. He looked good.

Exiting the bathroom, he saw that everyone was ready, and walked over to his father.

"No fooling around. You are supposed to be helping Filch, the caretaker. Don't be stupid, and don't embarrass us. I'm serious here, dad."

The man nodded, and Ichigo turned around, not noticing the sad look Isshin was directing at him. Ichigo hadn't always been like that, he thought. But somewhere along the way, he had lost his only son. And the worst thing was that he couldn't remember when he had begun to change. When the war had started, maybe, or with Masaki's death. He didn't know. But he was still proud of what his son had become. A man of pride and honor. A strong warrior. And a man of heart.


The Great Hall was filled with chatter in this evening of the third day of classes. Strangely enough, nearly everybody was gathered for dinner, but the food had yet to appear on the students' plates, and they were starting to get restless when suddenly, Filch entered the Hall and whispered something to Dumbledore, before heading back out, while the old man stood up. The students immediately fell silent, curious as to what was going on, and weren't disappointed.

"I'm guessing you are all wondering why your plates are still so terrifyingly empty. Well, the answer is simple. Several people have arrived today, and I would like to introduce them to you. First, let us welcome Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki, who will be joining us as fifth year students after transferring here from Japan. Please take care of them."

The doors swung open, and through them two girls walked in. They were around the same height, but it was the only thing they had in common except for their light gray eyes. One was slightly scowling, had black shoulder-length hair, and had a determined air about her, while the other one looked very soft and kind, while honey blonde hair also shoulder-length, and looked very nervous.

They walked up the middle aisle to the stage, and Karin sat down on the stool, where McGonagall set the Sorting Hat down on her head. The girl narrowed her eyes as she heard a voice in her head. She absolutely detested the thought of someone rummaging through her mind.

"I apologize, but this is necessary if I want to sort you. Do not worry, however. Your secrets are safe with me, I cannot tell them to anyone."

She relaxed ever so slightly.

"So?" She asked after a few seconds.

"You are fiercely loyal, but only to some select people, you don't like to rush head first into unknown situations, and you are quite the cunning young lady... You also distance yourself from people so as not to be hurt... Mmm... Better be...SLYTHERIN!"

The table on her left clapped, and she stood before heading over to them and sitting down in an empty space to watch her sister's sorting. Seeing Yuzu's nervous glance, she shot her a smile and nodded reassuringly, and the blonde girl smiled back and walked up to the stage.

She jumped at the voice in her head, her hands tightening on the edge of the stool, but quickly calmed down. The choice was quickly made.

"You, my dear, are definitely material for HUFFLEPUFF!"

She smiled softly as one of the tables in the middle cheered, and she went to sit with them, quietly accepting the greetings before looking at the Headmaster. It was now time for her father and brother to be introduced. Dumbledore stood once more.

"Now that we are done with the sorting, Mr Isshin Kurosaki will be Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts since our dear Hagrid has taken on the spot of Care of Magical Creatures teacher. Welcome!"

The students immediately made the connection between the two new students and the man who was walking in, though they looked nothing like him, with their slim silhouettes against his broad shoulders and stubble. The man flashed them all a grin as he walked up the Hall to the Head table and sat down by Hagrid. But there was still an empty spot by Snape. And they all knew it was the DADA teacher's seat.

"And finally, our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has arrived, and will start teaching you all as of tomorrow. Please, welcome Mr Ichigo Kurosaki!"

Another Kurosaki. But this one was completely different.

Absolute silence fell as he walked in, and the students took him in.

The man was tall, towering at 6"2', and had hair a striking mix of crimson red, dark orange, black and silver, which was enhanced by the absolute darkness of the combat clothes he had on. His left eye glowed an eerie shade of golden the thin layer of eyeliner enhanced dramatically, while the other eye was a deep, swirling pool of black bordering on blood red. A red stripe went from above his brow to the top of his jaw, and a jagged scar ran across his nose from right beneath his left eye to the right corner of his lips. He had dagger earrings dangling from his earlobes, and a black choker with a silver-rimmed black cross dangling on his throat, while his wrists and forearms were encased in black leather protections. His robes billowed behind him as he walked in an effect eerily reminiscent of Professor Snape, who was watching the new arrival with, strangely enough, no sneer on his face. His gait, however, was that of a predator stalking closer to his prey, and they couldn't help the shiver at the feeling of pure power around him.

Ichigo Kurosaki walked up to the Head table, and then to his seat, and sat down with a brief nod at them all.

"Well, now that we are done... Tuck in!"

Dumbledore's words snapped everyone out of their daze, and the students immediately turned to each other to discuss the new arrivals, but most of the conversations were focused around the new teacher. Of course, Karin and Yuzu were instantly drowned in questions.

"So," a red-haired girl said to Yuzu, "I'm Susan Bones, prefect of Hufflepuff. Welcome to our House."

"Thank you, Susan-san. I'm Kurosaki Yuzu."

The girl frowned.

"But isn't Kurosaki your last name?"

Yuzu blushed.

"Yes, but in Japan, we say the last name before our given one. I guess to you westerners, I would be Yuzu Kurosaki."

"Ah! Of course! So, Yuzu... I can call you Yuzu, right?" At the affirmative nod, she continued. "Are you related to the two new teachers?"

The blonde girl nodded, slightly uneasy at the fact that the whole table was shamelessly eavesdropping on the conversation.

"Yes. Isshin is my father, and Ichi-nii is my brother."

Eyebrows shot up.


She flushed again.

"Nii-san means big brother in Japanese, and Karin and I changed it to a nickname for Ichigo."

Susan nodded.

"I see."

The conversation was going along the same lines at the Slytherin table, except that suddenly, Draco Malfoy, who had looked up at the Head table to get a better look at the new teacher, froze, and openly gaped. This obviously got the attention of the rest of the House, who wondered what in Heaven could have made the Ice Prince of Slytherin lose his composure, and when they followed his gaze, they could only stare.

For at the Head table, the new teacher and Snape, were looking at each other, forearms clasped in a fraternal embrace, and... smiling!

"What is it?" Karin asked when she saw their looks of utter disbelief.

Up at the Head table, the two men had let go, but were still talking, and their interaction was clearly gathering more and more attention, be it from the professors, who were openly staring, or the kids, who couldn't believe that they were seeing the terribly greasy git, the dungeons bat, who was known for his hatred of the DADA teachers, talking civilly with one, whose looks were more than strange.

"Snape is smiling." Draco whispered, feeling faint.

"Snape is talking to the new DADA teacher." Zabini added.

"Snape isn't sneering..." Parkinson concluded.

Karin looked at them, confused.

"Well, of course he's smiling. They've not seen each other for a long time, he's happy to see Ichi-nii again, that's all!"

She went back to her meal, but then, looked up at the utter silence.

"What?" She snapped.

Daphne Greengrass was the one to answer.

"You mean you know Professor Snape?"

She nodded. "Yes. He's the one who educated us."

"But I thought you transferred from Japan?"

She sighed. "We did." She said patiently. "But we were home-schooled. Snape-senseï was the one who taught us."

Understanding dawned.


At the Head table, Ichigo had turned to his meal, and noticed that the dishes were Japanese, which amused him to no end.

"So, why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Snape drawled.

"I wanted to surprise you."

Severus rose an eyebrow.

"Really now? What about Lucius?"

"He doesn't know either, but I suspect he will soon." The young man glanced at the blonde boy talking to his sister.

"Ah yes, Draco Malfoy. He is Lucius' son."

"I thought so."

They ate in silence, ignoring the curious looks from their colleagues, who were obviously dying to ask how they knew each other.

"So, what happened in your life to bring about the... change?" The Potions Master asked after a moment.

Ichigo tensed slightly, which didn't go unnoticed, but answered none the less.

"Believe it or not, the hair color is natural." At Snape's raised eyebrow, he elaborated. "Let's just say that a lot of... magic use... caused this."

Onyx eyes searched his face intently, but he kept his eyes stubbornly on his plate as he ate.

"I see."

And truly he did. There were secrets there, secrets the younger man wouldn't talk about because they were too painful, secrets best left unsaid for their own safety. And if Ichigo deemed it safer not to talk about them, then he wouldn't push the issue. Because this young man was one of the very few people Severus Snape trusted with his life.


Dinner was coming to an end, and the students were standing up to leave. Karin followed Draco and his friends, whom she found out were two years her seniors, to the Slytherin dorms, while Yuzu stuck with her prefect, Susan Bones. Their stuff had already been sent up to their dorms, and they were happy to find that not a thing was out of place, and they had everything they needed, thanks to their brother.

The man, on the other hand, had left with Severus, and showed him to his rooms, where they had settled down for a nightcap of celebration. They didn't talk a lot: they had never been ones to speak to fill silence. They merely enjoyed each other's company, and the presence of another like them, of someone who had seen war and experienced the tearing of loss, the pain of helplessness, the raging chaos of a fight.

Severus knew nothing of the last seven years of Ichigo's life, true, but he could see it in the young man's eyes, in his gait, in his gear... His protégé had been at war, and, though he had obviously escaped with his life, lost the last pieces of his innocence. The optimistic boy he had once known had disappeared with his mother's death, but even after that, there had been a fire in his eyes, strong hazel eyes, which spoke of strength and faith. Now, however, he could only see cold determination and might in those mismatched orbs, gleaming with icy power and an aura of authority he had never seen there.

The teen had become an old man in seven years, and he couldn't even fathom how.

But he wouldn't push.

Ichigo would come to him when he felt it was safe, and he was ready.

So he said nothing, and just savored the taste of brandy on is tongue, as he swirled the amber liquid in his glass, and looked at the fire. And he knew, without even looking at Ichigo, that it was enough.

And that he was grateful.


On the next morning, when the kids entered the Great Hall for breakfast, the teachers were all there, except for Snape and Ichigo. The two men arrived together around thirty minutes into breakfast, talking quietly together, and as they passed by the Hufflepuff table, stopped at Yuzu's seat.

"Good morning, Yuzu-chan. How have you been?" Snape asked in perfect Japanese.

The girl looked up and smiled at him.

"Snape-senseï! I'm well, thank you! How have you been? Have you been eating enough? You look very pale!"

The man's lips slightly curled up.

"I'm okay. I hope you didn't go easy on your studies."

"I didn't. Ichi-nii helped with my dueling and whenever I had trouble."

The man's onyx eyes turned to the younger teacher, and he smirked at the way he stubbornly looked away.

"I see. Well, I'll see you in Potions, then."

"Yes! See you later, Snape-senseï!"

With a nod, he walked off to the Head table and sat down with a nod at Karin, who was sitting over at the Slytherin table. Ichigo looked at him for a second, before looking back down at his sister.

"Slept well?"

She nodded.

"It was very comfortable, Ichi-nii. Thanks for keeping our stuff."

The man waved the gratitude away. "Please, it was nothing. You made friends yet?"

She smiled. "The prefect is nice, her name is Susan Bones. But the other girls in my dorm are nice to be around as well."

"Good. Did you get your schedule?"

She shook her head.

"No, but I looked at Kaitlin's, and I have Defense in fifth period."

He nodded. "I'll see you later, then. If you need something, don't hesitate and come find me."

He swept past her and headed over to the Head table, where he ate a quick breakfast with Severus, then accompanied the man over to the Slytherin table to give her schedule to Karin.

"Karin-chan. How are you?"

She looked up at him with a predatory grin.

"I'm good old man, how about you? Rheumatism yet?"

"Karin!" Ichigo snapped, and she deflated, though barely.

"Sorry, Snape-senseï. I'm good."

The man shook his head, and handed over the schedule.

"I'll make you pay for that in Potions. Be ready to face Hell on Earth." He said with a smirk that promised pain. She gulped, while the Slytherins sitting around looked at each other in confusion. The Potions Master walked away with a nod at his students, and Ichigo looked at his sister with a scowl.

"I already told you to stop that."

"Ah, come on, it's fun! And he knows I mean nothing by it."

"It doesn't make it any less hurtful. Severus hasn't had a quiet life, leave him alone with his age. You know as well as I do that he was never given the luxury of enjoying a peaceful youth." He said, his tone harsher than he had wanted it to be, but it was the truth, and he detested the thought that his own sister could have hurt the Potions Master's feelings simply by being herself.

She slumped her shoulders in defeat under the burning gaze he was directing at her, bright orbs swirling with fury.

"I'm sorry."

"You better be. I'll see you in class."

And he left as well, under the stares of the students who wondered what the girl could have said to warrant such a tone from him. What was certain, though, was that he wasn't someone to be messed with.


At lunch, rumors were flying around about the new DADA teacher. The man, according to the first years Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, was strict, but nice, and fair. The third years Gryffindor and Slytherin, though, lost no time spreading around the fact that he was a devil directly come from Hell to destroy their lives and make them die of a heart attack. He took dozens of points shamelessly, and kept pairing Gryffindors with Slytherins.

The horror.

At the Gryffindor table, the Golden trio were discussing the man. They had Defense last period of the day, and were curious as to the reason of the contradicting rumors about him.

"Come on Hermione, the man's friends with Snape! How the hell could he be nice?" Ron was saying around a mouthful of food. The girl grimaced at the sight.

"We haven't even had Defense yet, Ronald, and stop talking with your mouth full, it's disgusting!"

The boy flushed, and swallowed, but argued nonetheless.

"Seriously, 'Mione, did you see how he looks?"

"Yes, I personally think he's gorgeous." She deadpanned.

This gathered the incredulous stares of her housemates, who looked at her like she had grown a second head. Ron choked, while Harry patted him in the back.

"You what? He's downright creepy!"

She sighed exasperatedly.

"You're a barbarian, Ronald Weasley, I hope you know that. And him being Snape's friend doesn't give us the right to judge him already. For all we know, they could be related!"

Dean snorted, and she rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, we have him last thing in the afternoon, so we'll see then." Harry concluded wisely.

And indeed they did.

The Defense classroom was completely different from what they were used to. There were no Dark Arts detectors, no magical creatures or portraits, but instead, a large painting showing a battle field, with corpses at the bottom, survivors standing very straight in the middle, a tight-knitted group looking around, though their faces couldn't be distinguished, and blood seeping into the ground. The sky was dark above them, stormy, and the warriors' weariness was clear at the way their shoulders were slumped. A group of people in white, again with their features blurred, was standing off to the side, looking at the main characters, and there was exhaustion in there too.

"This is beautiful." Hermione whispered, earning herself approving nods from her classmates, who were all subjugated by the painting, and standing there in respectful silence.

"Thank you, Miss, please take your seats."

They jumped at the voice, realizing that they hadn't ever heard him speak, except for the Slytherins who had heard him in the morning, when he had talked to his sister in Japanese. His English was fluent, cultivated, and his voice was a rich bass which sent shivers running down their spine. The students took their seats, and the man sat down on his desk, one leg dangling above the ground and the other firmly planted on the stone floor. Somehow, he managed to actually look very elegant while in this relaxed position.

"Good afternoon. My name is Kurosaki Ichigo. You can call me Professor Kurosaki. Considering the fact that you're all in Seventh year, you have your NEWTs at the end of the year, and I'm sure that the other teachers have already given you the usual 'NEWTs-are-important-you-are-going-to-suffer' speech, so I won't be giving it once more, you wouldn't listen anyway."

He paused, waiting for the chuckles to die, before continuing, face still completely blank as his mismatched eyes looked over the class.

"I have no idea what you have learned for the past six years, and the Headmaster told me that your teachers have been somewhat... lacking. If someone could tell me what you have already been taught..." Hermione's hand shot up in the air, and his lips twitched in amusement. "Yes, Miss...?"

"Granger, sir. Hermione Granger."

"Miss Granger?"

She launched into an explanation of everything they had seen since first year, and he listened to her attentively, before nodding once.

"I see. And you never took a course of physical combat or dueling, then?"

"No sir."

"That is no good. You just got out of a war, right?"

They stared at him like he was stupid. Didn't he know about the war?

"Don't look at me like that." He said dryly. "I am from Japan, and I can assure you, we had our own problems, and your war was the last thing we cared about."

Indignation rose through the students, but they didn't dare say anything, and kept silent as his enigmatic gaze swept over them.

"Mr Malfoy, tell me about the war, will you?"

The blonde started, but complied. "The Dark Lord wanted the eradication of all Mudbloods and Muggles. His followers were named Death Eaters."

"You should know." Ron muttered, loudly enough for everyone to hear. Malfoy glared at him.

"What did you say, Weasel?"

"I said you're a Death Eater, ferret-face!"

Malfoy opened his mouth to retort, but was cut off.

"Silence!" Ichigo barked.

They quieted down immediately, and he looked at them in disbelief. He couldn't believe it. How the hell could they be so divided, even amongst survivors of the war? This was... he couldn't even find the war to describe how appalled he felt.

"Fifty points from Gryffindor, and fifty from Slytherin."

Outraged shouts echoed, but then, he shut them up with a single question.

"Would you like me to double it? No? Thought so. Now, Mr Malfoy, please go on."

"Yes sir. Headmaster Dumbledore had created the Order of the Phoenix to fight against the Dark Lord and his followers. Two months ago, at the Final Battle, Potter defeated Him, and the war ended. "


"I see. I suppose most of you took part in the fights, correct?" Nods. "Very well. Tell me, did you ever fight with something other than your wand?" They shook their head. "And in a several on one duel?" Again, they shook their head, and he nodded. "That is why we will do some muggle fighting training."


He let them rant and rave all they wanted, completely tuning them out, and let his gaze wander over to the window.

Hermione watched as most of the class yelled at the teacher in protest. He didn't say anything, didn't even look at them, and that's when she noticed that he seemed to be very far away, his eyes lost in nowhere, looking through the window, before his gaze slid over to the gigantic painting on the wall, and his lips pursed in a bitter smile as his eyes darkened. Finally, though, the furious students shut up and looked up at him expectantly, but he still ignored them and kept staring out the window for a few minutes more.

Seconds ticked by in silence, and you could feel the anxiety growing in the classroom, before right as Ron opened his mouth to address him, he turned to them.

"Are you quite finished?" He didn't wait for them to answer, and continued. "That will be detention for the entire class, and fifty more points from both Slytherin and Gryffindor."

His tone was perfectly even, calm and emotionless, and it was most likely what warned them that protesting now would be a grave mistake.

"You may think that because I am young and a foreigner, I will let you disrespect me, but you are sadly mistaken. In the end, you are the ones taking your NEWTs, not me. I have them, and many more qualifications, I had the honor of having an excellent teacher, and I am a fully trained wizard and fighter. Muggle Defense and fitness are mandatory if you want to survive in a long fight. Believe me, compared to war in Japan, your little one on one duels were nothing."

Harry opened his mouth, scandalized, but Ichigo rose a hand to stop him from blurting out what he thought about the teacher's words.

"I'm not undermining the hardships I'm sure you went through during the war, or the deaths that occurred during the war. I am just saying, that while you survived this with your level of training, I can assure you that none of you would have been standing by the time the first battle had ended in Japan."

Of course, he was talking about the Winter War, but they couldn't have known that, and what's more, what he was saying was completely true: Japanese wizards, though rare, usually fought in groups, and it was a general fight with all on one. If you couldn't hold your own for several hours -days even!- on end, lacked physical training or let your guard down for a single second, you were dead the next second. It was as simple as that.

"Your deaths were all pretty clean. A quick Killing Curse, and the person was dead, no pain of any kind." His gaze hardened. "In Japan, you would have fought to the bitter end, with muggle weapons on top of curses and spells, and I have seen people who kept fighting even though they had a gaping hole in their stomach."

He paused. He knew they didn't really believe him, but he didn't care.

"Whether you like it or not, you will undergo muggle training, or you will have to study your NEWTs and guess the syllabus by yourself, it's as simple as that."

It was blackmail, and he was pretty sure he would never be able to do that without the Headmaster jumping at his throat, but he was quite certain they would believe him if he put the right amount of seriousness behind the threat. As anticipated, gasps echoed around the room as they stared at him, gaping, their eyes comically wide. In the back of his mind, Shiro snickered.

"You can't do that!" The red-haired boy, Weasley, blurted out. The girl sitting next to him, Hermione Granger, looked horrified at the prospect of not having Defense class for the remainder of the year.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the boy and concentrated a tiny amount of reiatsu into it, knowing that it made the golden eye burn and swirl in the most terrifying way.

"Watch me." He said lowly.

The boy gulped, and his neighbor elbowed him in the gut. Ichigo smirked inwardly, as Shiro burst out cackling gleefully.

"I thought so. So, about your detention. I want all of you at the Quidditch Pitch each Friday evening starting this week for your first sessions of muggle training. Come properly dressed: sweat pants, sweaters, t-shirts, sneakers and the likes. Also, for next time, I want a complete list of all the spells you know. And when I mean all of them, I mean all of them. Have a nice week."

They rose, groaning loudly, and exited the class like the devil was chasing them.

Behind them, Ichigo smirked.

Chapter 3